Confiserie Sprüngli

Listening to Tomas Prenosil, who serves as both a Board Member and CEO of Confiserie Sprüngli, was very inspiring! His entrepreneurial zeal, unwavering discipline, and that unmistakable “hunger for more” consistently emerged as pivotal elements of his personal success story.

It is no surprise that, after 180 years, Confiserie Sprüngli stands tall among the giants in the world of haute chocolaterie. Behind the charming Kaffeehaus at Paradeplatz lies a forward-thinking family business that thrives on innovation. Sustainability and social responsibility aren’t just checkboxes; they’re a heartfelt commitment that runs deep. Alongside technological advancements in production and distribution, the company also plans to address the rising health and wellness trends in the upcoming years.

Huge thanks to Tomas Prenosil and his team for giving our members an exclusive peek into their remarkable world!


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