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Global network

As a member of FBN Switzerland, you automatically become a member of FBN International. You have access to the world's largest network of family businesses.


Exclusive platform

At selected events, we combine knowledge from practice and research. We keep you up to date on trends and best practices and showcase solutions.


Exchange and inspiration

Peer-to-peer discussions and mutual learning offer you new, cross-generational perspectives.

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  • Family business with more than 250 employees: CHF 2’500.00 per family
  • Family business with less than 250 employees: CHF 1’250.00 per family


All members of the family business are eligible to participate and gain access to the network.

CHF 350.00 regardless of the size of the company

Only one person per family can take out an individual “Next Generation” membership. It is personal and non-transferable.

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FBN Become Member Admission

Admission criteria

You can join FBN Switzerland – and therefore automatically become a member of FBN International – if you meet the following criteria:

  • You are a member of a family that has decisive control of a business or self-managed family office with its headquarters in Switzerland.
  • Your company or self-managed family office has been in family ownership for at least two generations, and as a family you strive to develop the business across generations and secure its future. Family businesses operating as the first generation can also apply if they employ members of the second generation.
  • First-generation advisory firms and independent advisers are not admitted as members.
  • You support the FBN code of conduct and adhere to these basic rules:

The network is based on the principles of open communication and trust.

Members’ active participation is one of the key factors that enrich the network.

Members share their knowledge and experience and give insights into their company in a confidential atmosphere.

Discussions and debates are always conducted in a respectful and professional manner.

The organisation is a place to exchange ideas, experience and information. Selling products or services to other members or poaching members is not permitted.

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