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Learning Circle – Passing on the Family Business: Personal Decisions, Family Roles, Effective Project Management


29 Apr 2024


2:45 pm


Cercle de la Terrasse
Rue Jean-Gabriel Eynard 4, 1205 Geneva

Our next Learning Circle will be held on the subject of “Psychological Insights – Transfer of the Family Business: Personal Decisions, Family Roles, Effective Project Management”. The half-day workshop (4 hours) will focus on a number of substantial elements of substance and form that psychology teaches us about a project for a family business takeover.

In particular, we will look at the issues involved in (re)distributing the roles and places occupied by each person in the family and in the business. We will then look at the material and symbolic place occupied by the business in the life of the family, particularly at the time of transfer and takeover. Finally, we will look at the extent to which effective management of disagreements is the cornerstone of preserving family life and ensuring the effective implementation of the transfer project. We will set about acquiring a number of techniques that have proved their worth in changing family and organisational contexts.

This workshop will be moderated by Caroline Nicolas, Doctor of Psychology, Family and Business Counselling, Héliotropes. The event will be held in French.


  • 14:45 hrs: Welcome
  • 15:00 hrs: Introduction
  • 15:15 hrs: Roles and responsibilities in the transfer of a family business
  • 16:30 hrs: Material and symbolic place of the family business
  • 17:00 hrs: Coffee break
  • 17:15 hrs: Some tools and techniques for managing related changes
  • 19:00 hrs: Light aperitif

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